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Casablanca International Art Fair

Casablanca is one of the most magnificent cities in Morocco, a small corner of paradise in its own right. The city experiences an influx of tourists and visitors all through the year who travel to attend one of the many Moroccan festivals it plays host to, one of which is the Casablanca International Art Fair. This is an exclusive event that attracts both local and international artists, offering them a platform to exhibit and auction their splendid pieces of art works. At the same time, artists, collectors and other art fanatics meet and mingle, talking about one thing they all have in common; art!

Casablanca Art Fair

During the Casablanca international art fair, all forms of art are featured, including photography, sculptures, paintings, and ceramics, among others. It is however not only about showcasing the artistic works of the world’s best, but also a learning and interaction opportunity. There are various opportunities like conferences and workshops to attend and debates to deliberate on the best way forward to promote art in the world. Other than the art fair, the breathtaking Casablanca attractions like the Old Medina, The King Hassan II Mosque, Rêve de mon œil, the Octagon square, are perfect not only for the eye, but for the camera!

Accommodation in Casablanca is in plenty as there are many hotels in Casablanca that meet different visitors’ varied needs, preferences and budgets. When attending the art fair, it is recommended that you make prior hotel booking. Transportation to Casablanca is not a problem at all since the city is accessible via plane, train or bus. To move around town, it is recommended that you hire a taxi. Attending the Casablanca International Art Fair guarantees lots of fun, an opportunity to interact with the world’s best artists and a chance to explore Morocco’s beautiful town of Casablanca.


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