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Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr holidays in Morocco

Morocco is a predominantly Islamic nation with an approximated 99% Muslim population. It therefore calls that they join the rest of the Islamic community all over the world in observing the Holy month of Ramadan, during which they deny themselves world’s pleasures; abstain from food, drinks and other physical desires. Instead, they channel all their energies, body, mind and soul to God. It is a period of giving to charity, making peace with each other and staying holy.
Ramadan holiday

Morocco - Dinning table during Ramadan fasting

At the end of the one month of fasting and spiritual reconnection, the Muslims observe Eid al-Fitr, a three-day celebration to break the fast. It usually falls on the very first day of Shawwal on the month following Ramadan in the Islamic calendar. Just before Eid, individuals and families undertake Sadagah al-ftr (charity of fast-breaking) where foodstuff like rice, barley, dates, etc are donated to the poor to ensure they are not left behind in the Eid celebrations.

In the morning of Eid, they gather in mosques for the Eid prayers then set off to celebrate in their special ways. Moroccans are well known for their loud music and their rigorous unique dances that characterize most of their significant festivals. However, during Eid al Fitr holiday, most of them retreat in their homes to share plenty of both traditional and foreign foods and drink with their families as they exchange gifts and make peace, but some cities and towns organize breathtaking concerts.

The three days of Eid are official government holidays. The way Eid is celebrated in Morocco varies from one town or city to another, but one sure fact is; by the end of the three days, you can spot the dazzling smiles spread on the faces of many Moroccans feeling stronger in their Islamic faith, waiting for the next holiday.


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