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Morocco Travel Guide and Tips

If you are looking to plan your trip to Morocco, then you have to have the comprehensive travel tips up your sleeves. It can be bane to come across the desired tourism satisfaction, when you are not able to plan the things in an ideal manner. Travelling to an ideal destination is one of the most exciting things you can encounter in your life. You have to go with a prudent approach to ensure you enjoy the trip to Morocco in an efficient manner.

Moulay Idriss - Small Town in Northern Morocco

Native Language

If you are looking to make your trip to Morocco a memorable one, then it will be helpful to learn some of the native language words. If you are finding it difficult, then have a small translation book handy. It can help you enjoy the country without having to scratch your head in connection to the language. You have to undergo conversation with the native people at various occasions; therefore, a translation book can serve to an ideal guide for you. It is among the best travel tips to Morocco.

  • The main languages in Morocco Are: Arabic, French, (Spanish to the North of Morocco), English is also common in major tourist places such as Agadir and Marrakech.

You must have copies of all important documents such as passport, credit card, Driver license, Identification Card… etc. Keep the originals separate from the copied ones to avoid any confusion. You must be circumspect about the health measures as well. Ensure you seek all the necessary information in connection to keeping yourself in the best of health while travelling to Morocco. Furthermore, you should check out the health related guidelines to be followed to enter Morocco.


When it comes to travelling, ensure you minimize the luggage you are to carry with you. Bulky and packed bags can cause severe hindrance in travelling; therefore, you must keep this aspect in the back of your mind while travelling. Furthermore, you must counter-check your reservation and seat number by calling the airline.
Jammaa lafna

Pack light when hiking...


If you have a friend or family member waiting for you in the airport, then make sure to let them know about all the necessary information of your arrival beforehand. If you are looking to visit a couple of specific places in Morocco, then try to stay in a hotel that is nearby the airport or major landmarks in the town you are visiting.

First Aid Box

When it comes to travelling to Morocco, you must keep a first aid box with you at all time. To counter any minor injury while exploring the mountainous or desert parts of Morocco, you must have the medical kit with you. It can ease your nerves by helping you out in case of any difficult situation such as mountain hiking, camping, or swimming…etc. You do not have to carry a bulky type of a medical kit; rather, you can go with the necessary items that most travelers use.

Merzouga Desert - Camel Trekking


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